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 Book: The British Cavalry Sword 1788-1912 Some New Perspectives

It is now more than 38 years since the publication of Brian Robson’s original edition of Swords of the British Army, the Regulation Patterns 1788-1912. ‘Robson’ was an inspiration to many and remains the primary reference source for British military swords until the present day. However, since the publication of ‘Robson’ in 1975 knowledge of the subject has inevitably increased.  This new book on British Cavalry Swords seeks to update and complement ‘Robson’, providing new detail and ideas relating to regulation patterns and introducing many previously unpublished variants. The book also seeks to place the British Cavalry Sword within its historical context and contains a series of vignettes relating to the people who carried the swords and the cutlers who made them. The book draws upon the knowledge of many specialists and collectors; many of the swords illustrated are in private collections and are illustrated for the first time.

About The Author

Richard Dellar’s interest in swords began with a love of military history, in particular the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars from 1793 to 1815. He bought his first sword in 1980 and has been an avid collector since that time, accumulating a wealth of experience over the years. He has written many articles on swords for various journals and commercial magazines and is an active member of several internet discussion groups. By profession he is a Chartered Surveyor and Arbitrator and lives in the World Heritage City of Bath in Somerset, England.

Publication Date & Book Specifications


  • Publication date: 27 September 2013
  • Format: 280 x 235 hardback
  • Pages: 326
  • Illustrations: 475 colour plates
  • RRP: £65.00 UK, $89.99 USA (exclusive of post and packing)
  • ISBN: 978-0-9926449-0-1

Chapter List



1    The 1788 Pattern Light Cavalry sword
2    The 1788 Pattern Heavy Cavalry sword
3    The ‘Coffin-Hilt’ Light Cavalry Officer’s sword c. 1790 – 1806
4    The 1796 Pattern Light Cavalry Troopers’ sword
5    The 1796 Pattern Light Cavalry Officers’ sword
6    The 1796 Pattern Heavy Cavalry Troopers’ sword
7    The 1796 Pattern Heavy Cavalry Officers’ sword
8    The 10th Hussars’ Officers’ sword 1808 – 21
9    The ‘pipe-back’ Light Cavalry Officers’ sword c. 1800 – 1821
10    The ‘Osborn & Gunby blade’
11    The ‘Celtic-Hilt’ Heavy Cavalry Officers’ sword c. 1813 – 1821
12    The ‘Mameluke-hilted’ Officers’ dress sword
13    The 1821 Pattern Light Cavalry sword
14    The 1821 Pattern Heavy Cavalry sword
15    The 1853 Pattern ‘Universal’ Cavalry Troopers’ sword
16    ‘Maltese Cross’ – the 1864 to 1890 patterns
17    Victorian variations
18    The Final Patterns 1896 to 1912
19    The Household Cavalry Troopers’ sword
20    The Household Cavalry Officers’ sword


21    Gentlemen and Yeomanry Cavalry (1794-1827): a study of six swords
22    The swords of General Francis Hugonin, 4th Queen’s Own Dragoons
23    The Balaclava presentation sword
24    Presentation swords
25    John Justus Runkel, sword merchant of London
26    The Gill family of sword makers
27    The Wilkinson Sword Company
28    The decoration of sword blades





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  • I believe a welcome new reference to collecting British cavalry swords.
    Sure to be an important book for anyone interested in British swords and history.
    Updated correct information is the key to intelligent sword collecting.
    For a constantly expanding group of collectors, this book will guide new and experienced alike.
    The book consolidates information,some previously only found in obscure documents, some held in private hands.
    A great look into the elite British cavalry weapons of war.
    The point and edge of the sword has changed the course of history for hundreds if not thousands of years.
    I ordered more than one copy of the book as I’m sure fellow collectors will want one once they view it.

  • Richard, you have been a very patient and generous guide through my first few naive steps in antique sword ownership. I will be forever grateful and look forward to getting your book. Owen

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